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Strawberry Hill Quatrefoil
English, circa 1750

This tight geometric pattern from the mid-18th century is reminiscent of French domino papers. It is also quite similar to a printed silk fragment at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The paper was installed at Strawberry Hill in the Green Closet, a small room which Walpole used for keeping manuscripts and for writing letters. As with several other patterns from the house, the original paper was flocked. One unusual aspect was that the paper had a mild-sheen glaze applied before the flocking took place. We offer the pattern printed with our standard distemper paints rather than flocked.

While it would seem that the repeat for hangings should be quite small, only the height of one diamond, there are minor variations in the pattern. When installing it is best to match to the block repeat of 21 inches or half that distance 10 inches.

This pattern is licensed to Adelphi Paper Hangings by The Strawberry Hill Trust.

Repeat 10 inches / 26.7 cm
Width 21 inches / 53.3 cm
Straight Match

The historic and alternate colorway images show one width of the pattern.