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Cupid & Psyche 1 Cupid & Psyche 2
Cupid and Psyche #1 Cupid and Psyche #2
Cupid & Psyche Panel
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French (Paris) 1795-1810

Décors—also know as pilaster and panel decorations, or fresco papers—emerged as a major wallpaper genre around 1800.  They were used in conjunction with borders and other neo-classical elements—dados, pilasters and friezes—to create an overall decorative scheme of panels for a wall or an entire room, with the figures framed in the middle of each panel.  As with the Fragonard Months, décors often featured allegorical and mythological figures.

The original documents for this matched pair of Cupid and Psyche overdoor panels were purchased by Adelphi at a Paris auction; the manufacturer has not yet been identified. The panels are shown above with a frame of Adelphi's Cross Banded Border, as in the original documents.

Image height 21 inches
Image width 28 3/4 inches