Decorative Panels
Folding Screens
Fragonard Fragonard (reverse
Fragonard Fragonard (reverse side)
Deerfield Locust Grove (reverse)
Locust Grove Arabesque Locust Grove (reverse)
Butterfly Screen Deerfield
Butterfly Chintz Deerfield
Everard Damask Screen L'Oiseau Moderne Screen
Everard Damask L'Oiseau Moderne
Orchid Vine Screen Parakeets & Pearls Screen
Orchid Vine Parakeets & Pearls
Pineapples Screen Spiral Willows Screen
Pineapples Spiral Willows
Sunflowers Screen Toile de la Fontaine Screen
Sunflowers Toile de la Fontaine
Screen reverse Screen hinge
Reverse side of screens Hinge detail
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Folding Screens

Historically, wallpaper has been used not only for its initial intended purpose – to cover walls – but also for the decorating folding screens. Following in this tradition the hand blocked wallpapers from Adelphi Paper Hangings are now available on custom made 2, 3, or 4 panel screens.

Clients may choose from any of the patterns in the Adelphi catalog, in either the original colorway or one of the alternate colorways. Custom coloring is also available. Patterns may either be used alone or with a coordinating border around each panel. A plain paper is typically used for the reverse side of the panels, with the color specified by the client. Panel widths are determined by the width of the wallpaper pattern.  The standard height is 72 inches, although other heights may be specified. 

As with folding screens or the 18th and 19th centuries, those from Adelphi feature a hinging method which employs heavy canvas rather than common metal hinges. This results in not only a sturdier structure but a more  visually cohesive unit. Stiles and rails of the framework are constructed of poplar and the panel inserts of birch veneer. Once assembled all surfaces are given a protective coating to assure easy maintenance. 

Clients are encouraged to contact Adelphi Paper Hangings to discuss the myriad color and pattern possibilities.