Grille Grove
L'Oiseau Moderne Orchid Vine
Spiral Willow Starfish
Sunflowers Viennese Trees
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French circa 1920-1930

Adelphi’s Early-Twentieth Century Collection draws on the work and influence of the Wiener Werkstätte in Vienna and the French Moderne movement--later known as Art Deco--two of the most influential design schools of the century. Designers in Vienna and in Paris inspired and influenced a generation of designers throughout Europe and the United States, who created a huge variety of patterns that combine fantastic organic and geometric forms with a vibrant color palette.

Grille is from Adelphi's archive; although printed by a well known French firm its designer is unknown.  The pattern shows how a straightforward grid (French grille) can be transformed as an Art Deco design. By using undulating lines, adding whimsical "bubbles," and using metallic bronze with a palette of vibrant colors, the result is anything but an ordinary geometric grid.  

Repeat: 19½ inches
Width: 18¾ inches
Straight Match

The historic colorway shown above is double width; alternative colorways are single width.