Chateau de Mores Spirals
Chateau de Mores Spiral
Georgetown Medallion Hedge House Stripe
                                  House Stripe
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American circa 1865-1875

This charming stripe pattern was discovered in a small closet of the historic 1809 Hedge House in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  The ell in which it was found includes several chambers known to have been modernized in the 1860s to included plumbing and gas lighting.  When the Plymouth Antiquarian Society decided to restore two adjoining rooms to their 19th century appearance, a large piece of the closet paper was removed and conserved in order to accurately reproduce the the pattern and its original colors.

By the 1860s machine roller printing began to replace block printing as the dominant technology of the industry.  Even so, during the transition period pattern design often retained a strong influence form the block printing era.  Later, smaller, repetitive design motifs not well suited for hand printing began to dominate block printing largely disappeared until it was revived towards the end of the 19th century in the Arts and Crafts movement.

Adelphi occasionally reproduces patterns from this post-1860s period when they retain sufficient design and color characteristics lend themselves well to block printing and when they will benefit from the subtlety and attention to detail that block printing allows. 

This pattern is licensed to Adelphi Paper Hangings by The Plymouth Antiquarian Society.

Repeat 10 38 inches
Width 18  inches
Straight Match

The historic colorway shown above is double width; alternative colorways are single width.