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Berrien House Sprig
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                                  & Pearls
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French (Paris) circa 1780

Typical of French papers of the period, this delicate and highly sophisticated pattern uses naturalistic motifs in an arabesque arrangement. The term "Arabesque" refers to the placement of figures with a bilateral symmetry into a columnar format. In this case the columns are set in a half-drop of the pattern repeat.

This Parisian arabesque exemplifies the technique of creating volume that French designers mastered in the last quarter of the 18th century. With subtle shading it hints at light and shadow. The document color scheme of greens and black against a coral ground was highly fashionable at this time.

Parakeet and Pearls is suitable for almost any principal room or hallway. Historically it would have been installed with a narrow border and possibly a wide frieze.

Repeat 21 inches
Width 2118 inches
Straight Match

The historic colorway image above shows two widths of the pattern installed.  Alternate colorway images show one complete width of the pattern.