Beall Foliate Bellingham Cary Vine
Dundurn Castle Ashlar Dundurn Castle Gothic
Dundurn Castle Ashlar
Durndurn Castle Gothic
Florence Plantation Foliate
Florence Plantation Foliate
Hermitage Maple Leaf
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Rapp House
Pineapples Rapp House Medallion
Soane Diaper
Renaissance Strapwork Soane Diaper
 Volute  Wheatlands Volute
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American circa 1830-1845

This exuberant paper was discovered covering a wooden bandbox made by Hannah Davis, who worked in Jaffrey, New Hampshire between 1825 and 1855. Well known for her carefully made hat and bandboxes, Davis is also credited with designing a machine to cut thin sheets of wood for the sides of her boxes.

The Pinapples pattern probably dates from the late 1830s to the mid-1840s. It relates closely to a number of patterns found in upstate New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, including Adelphi's Ada Harris and Middlefield Sprig patterns, all of which have a similar spray of leaves on stems in the background and pointed lozenge shapes. Pineapples was also printed with a bright green varnish, which was also very popular in the 1840s.

Repeat 18 inches
Width 18 inches
Straight Match

The historic colorway image above shows two widths of the pattern installed.  Alternate colorway images show one complete width of the pattern.