Grille Grove
L'Oiseau Moderne Orchid Vine
Spiral Willow Starfish
Sunflowers Viennese Trees
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French circa 1930
Adelphi’s Early-Twentieth Century Collection draws on the work and influence of the Wiener Werkstätte in Vienna and the French Moderne movement--later known as Art Deco--two of the most influential design schools of the century. Designers in Vienna and in Paris inspired and influenced a generation of designers throughout Europe and the United States, who created a huge variety of patterns that combine fantastic organic and geometric forms with a vibrant color palette.

The sharp diagonal breaks in the background of Adelphi's Sunflowers suggests how the Constructivist art movement influenced Deco design. By an unknown designer, this bold design of large stylized flowers is somewhat reminiscent of Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann floral patterns, but the palette of yellow, red and metallic gold is entirely different.

This pattern is licensed to Adelphi Paper Hangings by the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution.

Repeat: 19½ inches
Width: 18½ inches
Half Drop Match

The historic colorway shown above is double width; alternative colorways are single width.