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Walpole Damask
English, circa 1756

Despite its lengthy repeat, this formal damask was apparently quite popular in the mid-17th century.  The same pattern used at Strawberry Hill was also installed in a different colorway in the Doddington Hall (Lincolnshire) drawing room, and at Eagle House (Bathford) in yet another colorway.

The original versions were, not surprisingly, flocked papers.  Flocked wallcoverings were intended to mimic fabric damasks,  but through a less expensive means of production.  Even so, with four separate blocks required to produce one repeat these large damasks are involved patterns to print.

Instead of a flocked version of this pattern we offer it printed with our standard distemper paints.  As the evidence found at Strawberry Hill was inconclusive, there are two versions of the historic colorway offered: one with a deep green pattern color (A1) and one with a warm bronze pattern color (A2).  Both are on a Sanderís Blue (summer verditer) ground.

This pattern is licensed to Adelphi Paper Hangings by The Strawberry Hill Trust.

Repeat 75 inches / 190.5 cm
Width 22 ĺ inches / 57.8 cm
Straight Match

The historic colorway image above shows two widths of the pattern installed.  Alternate colorway images show one complete width of the pattern.